Rashawn & Kelly

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You know that friend that you made in Middle School that was kind of a class clown and was a genuinely funny and kind person? And somehow, over the years, even from a distance, you remain friends. That person for me is Rashawn. We met in our youthful years and with the help of social media have always been able to keep in touch. When he announced he and his partner, the beautiful Kelly, were having their first child, I was beyond ecstatic for them. Being the kind and supportive friend that he is, he reached out to me to see if I would be interested in doing their maternity shoot (and a baby shower so stay tuned for that one) and obviously I said DUH! OF COURSE!
We met at one of my favorite places in New Jersey just as the end of the cherry blossom season was approaching and there were several remnants still lingering. Rashawn introduced me to his partner, Kelly, who within moments I not only connected but felt like I had known her for just as long as Rashawn. After a decade of friendship, I am so glad that I was able to experience a part of their journey into parenthood. It was a beautiful, sweet, and truly serene photoshoot and the amount of affection and love displayed only shows what loving parents they will be.
Lots of love to them and their bundle of joy on the way.
XO- Lacey.

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