Katy & Ali’s Maternity Session


Everything I aspire for in a client is representative of Katy & Ali. As a
fairly new photographer many potential clients will decide they want
photos and then last minute cancel or want to reschedule. It is especially
hard because you know you will have to work around their schedule, even
if it interferes with yours. But then you get clients like Katy & Ali. Who
not only keep their appointments, but you do not even have to remind
them because THEY remind you! katy&ali maternity-41For their photo shoot we decided to
head out to Jersey so that we can take the maternity photos amongst the
beautiful cherry blossom trees, buttttttt – they had outgrown. We were
about a week too late! Luckily it is still a very beautiful park and still had
some great scenery that allowed for a gorgeous backdrop for this
maternity shoot.

katy&ali maternity-85The best part about this photo shoot is when they would
whisper things to one another and share an intimate moment or laugh and
it allowed me to catch them off guard and capture a beautiful shot. I will be forever grateful that these two allowed me to be apart of a lifetime memory, to see the love they have for each other is truly amazing. im so happy to be apart of this journey and be able to deliver a gallery that they can look back on years from now and reminisce.

katy&ali maternity-82katy&ali maternity-69katy&ali maternity-20katy&ali maternity-71


Millie & Marks Engagment


This was one of my first engagement shoots I had done after moving back to NYC. It was hard to relocate and start my clientele over again but when Millie contacted me and told me her love story, it reminded me that with dedication nothing is as hard as it seems. Millie told me that Mark proposed to Millie on the Coney Island Boardwalk so it seemed befitting that we would have their engagement photo shoot be on the beach on Coney Island. This was such a fun photo shoot because they exuded so much love and happiness and the camera absorbed all their joyfulness and it is most certainly visibile in their pictures. Thank you both for letting me capture such a beautiful part of your love story.