Brianna & Erik

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There is something about being pregnant for the first time that is so special. I can’t explain it but the excitement of the unknown is just such a magical feeling. Your life is about to change forever. You brace yourself for what you hear from other mamas but NOTHING… and I mean NOTHING can prepare you for what is to come. It is by far the best experience one can have.

Brianna is a first time mama and due pretty soon. She will know what I am talking about before she knows it 🙂 Brianna actually went to this Fram a few weeks before doing the session and when I seen the location I just fell in LOVE!  We totally lucked out because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and just perfect. I love being a maternity photographer in New Jersey, simply because they have the sweetest locations 🙂


Baby Camila

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When it comes to newborn photography i specialize in creating a luxury experience for our families and offering lifetime images that express each family’s individuality and love. I was so lucky to have had the experience to photograph baby Camila she was so sweet!

Every newborn session is different and each baby has their own special qualities. Camila was sleepy and so easy to work with! Mom and Dad were pretty great too 😉

Below see Camilas first professional photography experience. What a darling!


Nikki & Aziz

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Ahhh, where do I begin with this lovely couple? I do not typically do weddings because I specialize in newborn and maternity, however, when Nikki reached out and found me through a friend, I could not refuse. We talked for a few she explained that she wanted a small and intimate session that would be meaningful and memorable. When I first arrived, I was overwhelmed because it seemed like everyone had chosen to get married and it was a full house! The amount of people made me nervous and a bit anxious, especially since the bride was running late. Nikki called me and informed me that her family had arrived, so my nerves calmed as I went to them and began chatting. When the couple arrived, I watched as these two families combined and connected with love and care for one another. The union between Nikki and Aziz also unified their individual families into one beautiful and joyous family. The bride looked stunning as ever, and as I took photos of them and chatted along the way, the couple reminded me that true love isn’t just in fairy tales. True loves walks amongst us in our every day lives and I am thrilled to have been a part of this beautiful day.


Brittney & Amanda

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I was introduced to Brittney from a good friend of mine who I actually met through a photographers mentor class. This photo shoot is one that I will forever cherish because it was my first experience with summer weather and seeing my clients stick through extremely hot temperatures to make sure we got the shots perfect just proves that anything is possible. It was one of the most humorist sessions as these lovely ladies came with comedy in hand.


Baby Elias

Children's Photography, Lifestlye, Maternity, Newborn, newborn photography

When dad & mom sent me pictures of sweet Elias all I could think about is all that hair! I also started planning out the colors I would use for his session. Baby Elias was truly a photographers dream, he slept the entire session only stoped to feed once. He was a definition of a doll! This session was close to the heart for me because I’ve known dad for  over a decade. I was so honored & humbled that they trusted me and believed in me to capture these images for them. I always push for newborn photos, simply because you will see how fast your babies features change just within a few weeks. Photographing these parents made my heart warm, seeing how obsessed new parents are amazes me. It’s truly a love that you can’t describe.


Rashawn & Kelly

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You know that friend that you made in Middle School that was kind of a class clown and was a genuinely funny and kind person? And somehow, over the years, even from a distance, you remain friends. That person for me is Rashawn. We met in our youthful years and with the help of social media have always been able to keep in touch. When he announced he and his partner, the beautiful Kelly, were having their first child, I was beyond ecstatic for them. Being the kind and supportive friend that he is, he reached out to me to see if I would be interested in doing their maternity shoot (and a baby shower so stay tuned for that one) and obviously I said DUH! OF COURSE!
We met at one of my favorite places in New Jersey just as the end of the cherry blossom season was approaching and there were several remnants still lingering. Rashawn introduced me to his partner, Kelly, who within moments I not only connected but felt like I had known her for just as long as Rashawn. After a decade of friendship, I am so glad that I was able to experience a part of their journey into parenthood. It was a beautiful, sweet, and truly serene photoshoot and the amount of affection and love displayed only shows what loving parents they will be.
Lots of love to them and their bundle of joy on the way.
XO- Lacey.

Natasha & Robs Maternity

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Natasha found me through a mutual friend I photographed back in December. She reached out and new exactly what kind of maternity session she wanted, something elegant and on the beach. She was interested from day one and I was so grateful she reached out and wanted me to photograph her. Pregnancy feels like an eternity when you are in it and a blink of an eye when you look back on it, but it is the only time when you and your child are one, when you are at your most goddess like. It deserves to be captured as the magical beautiful time that it is, especially because it doesn’t always feel that way.  Pregnant women deserve to be pampered and made to see the beauty in themselves and their incredible, life creating bodies. They also told me that this was a miracle baby, because Natasha was told she wouldn’t be able to have children. So this session really hit home because I wanted to make sure that she can look back on these photos and bring her back to this day. I could photograph maternity all day every day and be a very happy women. seeing the love and anticipation on the faces of Natasha & Rob and getting to capture this moment for them before they embark on the greatest adventure of their lives is such   a special gift and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to photograph these two love bugs.

Baby Julius

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I have to say, each baby that I photograph is so beautiful in their own way.  Julius was exceptionally sweet. He just curled right up and slept the entire session. It was so precious! He had the sweetest little round face and cutest little button nose. I could’ve posed him all day. His mom Jesenia was such a sweetheart, I felt like I have already known her for years! I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to make such valuable memories with for this mom.

Sweet Baby Emilio

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Sweet Baby Emilio
This sweet baby was the perfect little angel for his session, and we truly captured some amazing images. When mom originally reached out to me I asked her what colors would she be interested in, she immediately said no blues! lol Which right there and than she stole me heart, we decided to do creams grays and a sage, which worked out perfect. He was so sleepy for his session and didn’t cry until the very end, which was because he was just simply hungry. Baby Emilio is my ideal baby for every session his little legs curled up perfect and he just let me snap snap away.